Thursday, June 10, 2010

Yummy Sliders!

So I ordered a bunch of the Hungry Girl cookbooks the other day for like half off on Amazon. I was looking through when a recipe caught my eye. I am not a big burger fan but my boyfriend has been making seasoned cheese burgers by hand lately and they are Sooooooo Goooood!! But not healthy at all. I thought Hmmmmm I can take this idea and design my own mini cheese burger recipe. Now as I always state I am a VERY picky eater so when HG's recipe called for onions and pickles I knew I was going to have to tweak it anyway. So here is my mini sliders recipe. If you want you can add onions and such to it but the points value may change. If you don't follow WW's then you can adjust the recipe however you like. I have made these the last two nights in a row, they are so good!


Weight Watchers Whole Wheat Bread, Any Light Wheat OR Bread that equals 1pt for 2slices
3 oz 95/5 Ground Beef
1 Slice WW Cheese
Cooking Spray

1) Season meat! I like to sprinkle Penzy's Chicago steak seasoning (lightly covering)
over the beef and a little smoked sea salt
then mix it all together by hand. You can
use any kind of seasoning, Salt and Pepper
or nothing if you like. I like the flavor
of biting into a juicy flavored cheeseburger.

2) Divide meat into 4 equal sized balls and form into mini patties with hands.

3) In a frying pan on medium heat spray with cooking spray and add patties.

4) Slice cheese into four sections.

5) After burgers begin to brown on bottom flip burgers over and add cheese slices.

6) Toast bread if you like, Then cut the two slices of bread in half horizontally and then vertically (makes 4 squares)

6) Remove cooked burgers from grill top and place in between two of the bread squares

7) ENJOY!! They make a great snack or a filling dinner when paired with a salad!

WW Points: 4 Mini Cheese Burgers = 5 points!
You can find the Original Hungry Girl recipe in her 1-2-3 cookbook.

P.S. I don't have a picture of all four because I began eating them as soon as I took them out of the pan :)


  1. lol@ "I began eating them as soon as I took them out of the pan". So many times I have devoured my meal just before realizing that I didn't take a pic of it as yet. hee hee hee. whoops! ;)
    btw, those look super delish and I'm gonna make em tomorrow. thx for the idea!

  2. Hi, thanks for visiting and following my blog. Those burgers look sooo good! I'm going to try this recipe!

  3. Those look so good!

    Inspired me to buy the 1-2-3 book :)

  4. Check out Amazon for great deals on "used" books, they look as good as new and are 1/2 the price!