Friday, June 4, 2010


So I was just in a meeting and my boss decided since we have a lot more to go over that he will order pizza and we will work through lunch and eat during the meeting!!

Now I have food with me.. I was planning on having my protein shake for lunch. I still plan to do that and I hope it holds me over but I know I am going to be so tempted with all that Delicious pizza aroma lofting through the air. I hope I can hold strong or at least just allow myself only one piece..

Ahhhhh I hate when things like this happen, that wasn't in my plan!! I planned my day out and I was saving points because I'm going out to the movies and dinner with my friend tonight!!


  1. Yes this is a hard on indeed. Where I am right now, I would have told him that I'd brought my lunch with me and preferred to have that or something to that effect. Will be interesting to hear how you handled the situation.

  2. I was able to work in t=into my daily points and adjust the rest of my day. I didn't do bad and it all worked out. Though I wish I could just say NO, but i am still not at the point where I can be stuck in a pizza filled room and not have a slice...