Thursday, June 17, 2010


I have come to notice a flaw within myself. I know right! I thought I was perfect! Ha ha yea right, anyway ever since I started my weight loss/healthy living journey I decided from the beginning I wouldn't deprive myself of anything especially my favorite food i.e. chocolate.
From all my research and past experience I concluded that when you completely cut things out and deprive yourself you are less likely to succeed.  Plus I want to enjoy my life and not feel like I am punishing myself.  I have sustained my cravings overtime by substituting in 100 calorie snack and other healthier options where I used to eat junk.  There are a lot of great 100 calorie snack out there like fudge striped cookies and chocolate covered pretzels, that taste exactly the same, they are just in a single serving. There are also great tasting deserts from Weight Watchers and Skinny Cow etc.  I am not one who enjoys anything that taste "diet" so trust me when I say they are good!
Over time my palate has also change which in turn benefits me greatly.  I enjoy snacking on fresh fruit which is not something I used too do. But I still find at times when I allow myself to indulge I loose all sense of an off button and somehow go from someone who is consciously trying to eat healthy to a crazy fanatic in an all you can eat ice cream contest.  This doesn't happen all the time, but at certain times when I am staring at a plate of homemade cookies I can't just treat myself to one.  That one becomes two which becomes three which leave me feeling bloated and defeated.  I know its a conscious battle I have to stay aware of and tackle as it happens but I wish such little temptations wouldn't throw me so off course.  Because of course once you allow yourself one slip up its easy to continue in that pattern " Oh I was bad today and had three cookies so its OK if we go out to dinner, I'll get back on track tomorrow" "I was bad this week so I'm not gonna weigh in".. Ever happen to you?

Insert my face here!


  1. All the time unfortunately.
    When I lost weight the first time I used to let it be ok to indulge a little on the weekends...but during the whole 5 days the rest of the week I wouldn't "cheat". It is a deal I made myself. And if I was having a slower month I would pick a weekend not to "cheat".

    Would love if you link up your weight stories on Wed!

  2. It is a slippery slope. I find it's easier for me to avoid those foods all together rather than fool myself into thinking I can have 'just one'. I'm not kidding! I'm not at a point where I can trust myself, LOL.

  3. I am banning granola bars from my house (and life) as soon as I run out of the ones I currently have.

    For whatever reason, I can't stop eating them. I have one and then I want another. And another. It sucks because I enjoy them - but from now on, they're going to be a "treat" enjoyed and purchased single serving style. It's too much temptation otherwise.

  4. Since I started back, I've found that my cravings for the bad stuff has subsided a lot. My mindset has really shifted to "nothing tastes as good as thin/fit/healthy feels".

    In my last times as a member (joined 3 other times previous to my current one), I was always the same, making excuses, saying "I'll get back on track tomorrow" or "I'm not weighing-in for another 5 days, I Can cheat a little". It didn't work, hence why I am back. LOL

  5. Don't you love when something that’s good for you satisfies you, like fresh fruit! It lets me know I’m making progress and I don't NEED that cookie!!