Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Weight Watcher Wednesdays! Portion Sizes

So going along with the daily letter theme of my blog I decided to make Wednesdays, "Weight Watcher Wednesdays" and share some great tips I have learned through my experience with Weight Watchers.  Over the years I have learned a lot of things including great tips and ides to help me with my journey.  There are some things though that are really helpful and those are the ones I tend to remember and use on a daily basis. Having these helpful tips to refer to are a great way to help you stay on track and learn whats healthy for your body.
One of the best things I learned was easy ways to understand portion sizes, especially when I am not at home or don't have something to measure with.  This becomes increasingly helpful at restaurants where the portions they serve are always much larger.

Here are some great ways to visualize what a "real" portion is..

You may know that 3 ounces of steak is a healthy portion, but do you know it looks like?
3 ounces serving of cooked lean beef steak is about the same size as a deck of cards!

Do you really know at a glance how much a half a cup of potato salad is, or a cup of pasta?
A 1 cup serving size is about the same size as a tennis ball!

What about when your making pancakes, do you know how big a pancake serving is?
A 4-inch pancake is about the same size as a compact disc!

Do you pile on the meat when making a sandwich?
A 3-ounce serving of deli-sliced meat like turkey is about the same size as a cassette tape!

Don't be fooled by those extra large restaurant muffins
A regular-sized muffin is about the same size as a cupcake wrapper!

Do you like to eyeball the scoop of ice cream too?
A 1/2 cup is also about the same size as cupcake wrapper!

Do you think you know the actual serving size of cookie?
A 1.2 ounce Chocolate Chip Cookie is about the same size as the top of a soda can!

What about those pesky things like Peanut Butter, Mayo or Butter?A teaspoon is about the same size as 1 die!

A tablespoon is about the same size as 3 die!

Having something to visualize will hopefully help you when you determining portion sizes.  It also helps to keep you in check with yourself when you know that heaping spoonful of mayo is way more than a single serving!

Here are some other quick tricks using your hand!

•Your fist is equal to one medium fruit or one measured cup
•Your palm minus the fingers is a 3 ounce portion of cooked meat
•Your thumb (whole thumb, from tip to base) is equal to one ounce of meat or cheese
•Your thumb from the tip to the first joint is about 1 tablespoon
•Your thumb nail is about 1 teaspoon

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I'm not very good with eyeballing serving sizes, so this is great.