Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Warrior!

We had such a  fun time picking berries last weekend that we decided to go back again this weekend, though we didn't drag Kevin along this time.  My friend Rachel and I were super excited Saturday morning to head back over to Rose's Berry Farm. 
 We waited a few minutes before boarding the truck that takes you up to the field.  As soon as we started to ascend up towards the Fields we could see them.. Berries, Berries and more Berries.  Last week when we went the strawberry season was ending and the raspberries and blue berries were just beginning to start. We were watching people heading back with boxes and pints full of bright fresh berries which got us even more excited. 

Once again we started with strawberries, the season was over but we saw some people had been able to find some, so we got down on our hands and knees and starting sifting through the plants to find any hidden strawberries that were left.  We lucked out and were able to fill two pints worth.
Next we hit the raspberries and it was a whole different experience from last week, there were fresh ready to be picked berries as far as the eye could see.  We put our buckets around our necks and began picking hand fulls at a time.  It took some time since we probably bucketed as many as we ate along the way. It was amazing we could have gone on for hours.

We then hopped back on the truck and road to the blue berry field which was just as beautiful and colorful.  I am not a big blueberry fan so I decided that since I wanted the experience of picking them I would get some for Kevin and my Mother.  Now talk about easy, they came off by the handful quickly filling our buckets.  I even tasted a fresh blueberry right off the bush and it wasn't bad at all

After we had had managed to pick/eat enough berries we headed back to down to pay for our bounty.  Would you believe all that fruit cost only $10, try getting that at a grocery store or even a farmers market! I would go back every weekend if I could not just for the fun of picking them but for how cost effective it is.

I am telling you, as two time berry picker now its worth looking into and seeing if there are any farms around your area that offer something like this.  I cant wait, Apples are next! and then the raspberries have another season.

After that we hit up a local farm stand.  I had never purchased from there but since we were there I decided to get some things and avoid having to go to the grocery store.  I picked up some bananas corn and grapes and couldn't believe how much cheaper they were from the grocery store.  I am now going to try and only buy produce from farm stands, especially during the summer season, aside from their quality and organic nature they are also so much more cost effective. 

My new mission now is to find the best local farmers markets that are going on in and around our community.  This coming Saturday we will be checking out some across the state in Greenwich, Stamford & Fairfield and filming it for Hungry For Living TV.


  1. What a great way to save money and have fun.

  2. Those berries look amazing.

  3. Thanks, It is a really fun activity to do on a nice Saturday or Sunday afternoon, or even during the week if you can. And it does save you $$ and tastes GREAT!