Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Tuesday's Tip!

I love sharing tips and tricks or any good info I learn along my journey to being healthy. Today I came across a little tip about my favorite guilt free snack, Fruit!
Q: Which Fruit Has the Longest Shelf Life?
A: Apples!
Apples will last a week and a half or longer after you buy them! That can be up to 10 days longer than soft fruits like strawberries.
TIP: Never store apples and bananas in the same bowl, the apples will ripen much quicker. It is better to store apples in the fridge when you bring them home to keep them fresher longer.
Apples are a great snack to carry with you on the go too! I throw one in my lunch bag just in case I need a quick snack. They are also durable and easily transported without needing refrigeration. Apples are a great night time snack, I slice them up and eat them while I watch TV, sometimes with a little peanut butter. (I heard if you sprinkle Cinnamon on apple slices it delicious, I will have to try it and let you know) I also like to have an apple at night when I start feigning for something to eat even though I had dinner, desert, and maybe already a snack. I hate to eat late at night but I know if I don't have something I will raid my pantry, that's when the apple saves me from ruining all the good choices I made that day.


  1. cool. thanks for the tip! I wish strawberries would last longer though. I can never eat them fast enough and I like to add them to salads. Damn u, strawberries! yay, apples! ;)

  2. Have you tried storing your fruits and vegies in Green bags! I find it keeps them fresh longer.. Esp strawberries and bananas!