Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Bad Weekend!

Ever have a friend come visit for the weekend and your whole way of healthy eating goes out the window?? Well that was me this weekend. My college sorority sister who also happens to be one of my best friends came down to spend the weekend this past week. Now everything was going fine, she actually follows weight watchers as well, but for some reason when were together we see it as an excuse to cheat and indulge in all the foods we are trying to stay away from. It didn't help that shes going through some tough times right now or the Friedly's Restaurant is right next to my house but somehow we found ourselves there huddled over 3 scoop peanut butter cup sundaes cheering ourselves up (TWICE). Now I know that's not the right approach but I fear I was weak and couldn't help myself. It also doesn't help that the 3 scoop peanut butter cup sundae from friendly's is my favorite "meal" in the world, and yes I would choose it as my last meal if given the choice. Well at least I can recognize that I didn't make such great decisions this weekend. It is still a daily struggle to start every morning in the right direction. Temptation is always lurking and I need to be better at controlling myself.. maybe just one sundae in a weekend LOL. I also looked up the points value for my beloved sundae... 21WW points!! and to put that in perspective I am only allowed 23 a day!! Funny enough I had my physical yesterday and I am over a pound lighter than last time I weighed in at WW, granted I haven't gone in a few weeks out of fear since I am still struggling to hit that 40lb mark!

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