Thursday, November 17, 2011

An Obituary printed in the London Times...

Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, 'Common Sense', who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were lost long in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:

- Knowing when to come in out of the rain
- Why the early bird gets the worm
- Life isn't always fair
- And, maybe it was my fault

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (Don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (Adults, not children, are in charge)
His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.
Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun tan lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion.
Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault.
Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement.
Common Sense was preceded in death, by his parents, Truth and Trust, by his wife, Discretion, by his daughter, Responsibility, and by his son, Reason. He is survived by his four stepbrothers: I Know My Rights - I Want It Now - Someone Else Is To Blame and I'm A Victim.
Attendance at the funeral was not many, since so few realized that he was gone.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Top Ten...

 It's that time of year again to take hold and look at the crazy food concoctions that came out of State Fairs this year...

Each year gatherings from small venues to huge state fairs across the country offer visitors an array of food vendors with hundreds of options, most of which are fried and or on a stick for easy eating.
Since only the guiltiest of pleasures are considered as ingredients, the selection of food is often more ridiculous than you could expect and the combinations keep getting more obscure.  But when you can deep fry anything and call it delicious, hundreds of fair goers seem to rally around you.

Here is a look at some of the weirdest concoctions to come from fairs around the nation this year...

10. Chocolate Covered Corn DogThe Orange County State Fair:

9. Deep Fried Kool-AidSan Diego County Fair:

8. Deep Fried Butter On A Stick — Iowa State Fair:

7. Buffalo Chicken in a Flapjack — Texas State Fair:

6. Red Velvet Funnel CakeFlorida State Fair:

5. El BananaritoTexas State Fair:

 4. Chocolate Covered Jalapeno PoppersMinnesota State Fair:

3. Deep Fried SalsaTexas State Fair:

2. Breakfast Lollipop –- Minnesota State Fair:

1. Fried Ice Cream BurgerFlorida State Fair:


Friday, April 22, 2011

Quick Note!

I just wanted to take a moment and let you all know that some things have happened recently in my life and that is why I haven't posted in a few weeks. I have been dealing with some tragic deaths in my family and have not been motivated to keep up with my postings.  I am trying to get back into the swing of things and should have New posts coming soon!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Feature Friday! Heart Rate Monitor USA Interview

Heart Rate Monitor USA recently did an interview with me so I thought I would share it with all of you..

What made you decide to get healthy? (Your Journey page tells a bit, but could you be more specific?)

Growing up I struggled with my weight. I was a dancer since I was little and then in High School I stopped and began to gain weight. My weight would go up and down due to my poor eating habits and continued throughout college. Finally I saw pictures of myself and I didn’t recognize the person in the photos. I was not happy with myself and I finally realized that I not only wanted to lose weight but also become all together healthier. I knew I had to make long lasting changes.

• How do you stay motivated to stick with your wellness plan?

It is hard to stay motivated, especially after you reach certain goals you had been working towards. I definitely still plateau at times. It’s all about finding new ways to stay motivated. Finding new workouts, new recipes and working towards new goals. Keeping my blog also helps me to stay on track.

• What does a typical day of your diet/exercise plan look like?

A typical day for me:
Cheerios and a banana for breakfast, followed by and mid morning snack of some type of fruit. I usually have a protein shake for lunch; sometimes I hit the gym around lunch time. Then I will snack on fruits, nuts, or maybe some edename. For dinner I usually have a large salad with grilled chicken or shrimp or maybe some whole wheat pasta. It changes depending on the day, but dinner time is when I try to get most my vegetables in. If I am still hungry I will snack on pop corn I pop on the stove using a small amount of oil or some fruit. Depending on the season I will go to the gym, go to a boot camp class, do Wii fit or go for a bike ride in the evening

I am bad when it comes to eating vegetables; I am a very picky eater, so I usually always try to have a salad every day. I also take a green supplement to make sure I get all the nutrients I need.

What about exercise? What do you recommend for those who are just starting out on the path to getting healthier?

I started out doing a mile on my bike one night and then tried to go a little further each night. I eventually got to the point where I was biking 26 miles around my neighborhood after work. I would say the best thing is to start slow and gradually work your way up. Walk around your block, then the next night go a bit further. After a while try walking some and jogging some, then try jogging the whole way.

What, do you feel, has been your biggest wellness achievement so far?

I think just being able to feel healthier from within and getting to share my experiences and tips with others.

What is your one best tip for someone who wants to start eating healthier?

Same as with the exercise, you have to start slow. If you jump into a whole new way of eating you are less likely to stick with it. Slowly change your eating habits and start to incorporate healthier meals and snacks into your day. Also I don’t think you should deprive yourself. If you say you will never eat ice cream again you will constantly wish you could eat ice cream and eventually you will sub come and feel like a failure. If you allow yourself special treats in moderation you will always feel satisfied and you will be able to make life long changes.

What's your favorite food?

It sounds funny because I don’t like a lot of vegetables, but I love artichokes.

Aside from that I could live on a diet of pure chocolate… but since that is not a very healthy diet I am constantly teaching myself moderation.

Have a great day..

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Tuesday's Tip! Hydration

Even those of us who are focused on our heath and aware of what we eat can sometimes underestimate the importance of how much water we take in. Here are some of the many reasons why good hydration is essential to good health...
Your bodies hydration can affect your: Energy, Digestion, Regularity, Blood Pressure, Respiration, Weight Management, Skin Health, Stomach Health, Acid-Alkaline Balance, Cholesterol, Kidney and Urinary Health, Joint Health, and Aging... and that's only some!

Here are some tips to staying hydrated...

~Each day before your morning cup of coffee, start your day with a glass of water. This will help your body replace the fluids you lost overnight. It is also helpful to keep a refillable water bottle with you throughout the day.

~Try eating two or three servings of fruits and vegetables at every meal. They are full of water and contain minerals that help the body absorb and use them properly. Remember that most processed foods can lower the body’s water levels.

~Create regular water breaks. Try drinking a glass of water at your desk each day before lunch, drink an extra glass of water if you worked out or didn’t eat enough fruits and vegetables with your meal.

~Drink sparkling water or vegetable juice instead of sodas and fruit juices. The sugar in soda and fruit juice, as well as the chemicals can cause unwanted reactions in your body like blood-sugar spikes.

~Use a water filter, pitcher type filter or keep a constant pitcher of water in the fridge at home

~Try using high-quality sea salt when you cook. It is rich in minerals that are key to cell health and hydration. Also sea salt has less sodium than table salt.

Have any other ideas?

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Let me start off by stating, I hate being sick! I hate it, I loath it, I despise i!  Now I'm sure no one loves to be sick, but i down right hate it, did I mention that?  Maybe I have such a strong opinion because as I write this I am struggling to breath through my congested nasal passages, or because i am sweating on a 30 degree day, but none the less, I hate being sick. 
What I truly dislike is the way it creeps up on you, for no reason and puts a halt to your everyday life.  You can't go to work, you can't go to the gym, you can't even get out of bed! And why? what did we do to become sick?  I didn't go outside with wet hair or without a jacket on (which is what my grandmother always told me would make me sick).  No I was just minding my business, going about my day when someone else decided to share their germs with me!  Now I'm not saying I haven't done the same.  Since we usually become ill before we ever realize we actually are, I'm sure I have shared my fair share of germs as well.  But that's not that point, the point is someone gave me their nasty germs and now I am holed up inside, unable to move off my couch and wishing my mommy was here to make me chicken soup!  So instead of waking up and having a productive day including working out, running errands and seeing friends I instead woke up unable to breath, coughing up foul looking substances and unable to leave my bed.  So while everyone else is out enjoying their weekend I will be here nursing OJ and cursing the infected stranger that landed me in this perdicament!

Am I being a baby? Perhaps! but who likes being sick?

Saturday, March 5, 2011


For the first time in a long time I am 110% happy. I am completely and truly happy with all aspects of my life. With the New Year came a new beginning for me. I decided to fully commit to myself and finally allowed myself to fully go after my true passion. Along with the freedom and joy of fully pursuing my dreams comes fear and nervousness. For the first time I am allowing myself to completely fail. For years I pursued what I felt as my true calling “on the side”. I lived a normal life, kept a normal job and never fully immersed myself into that life. Along with doing that I never was truly able to fail. It was always something I never had enough time to pursue or fully commit to. Now I have nothing but time. Though the fear of failing is there I also know that I will never be truly happy if I don’t pursue what makes me happy. I don’t want to be the person who looks back in twenty years looking back wondering what if? I guess if I fail, I will have failed giving it 100. %Though I don’t plan on failing it is something that is always in the back of my mind. What’s not in my mind anymore is frustration or unhappiness. For the first time I am finding myself ridiculously happy morning, noon and night. Even while working my “day job” to pay the bills, a job that most people aren’t excited to go to everyday, I am always in a great mood. I know that finally I am living my dream and pursuing what makes me happy. I am in the driver’s seat of my destiny and I am going full speed ahead!

Are you living the life you want to be living?

Friday, February 25, 2011

Garbage Island!

If you have ever wondered if you should recycle those pesky plastic's just ONE reason why!

If you want to learn more just do a search on google or YouTube and the results come pouring in.

Have you heard of this "Trash Island"?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday!

Here is another touching email that floated into my inbox recently, it reminds us that everyday we should take a moment to think of others.  Enjoy!

Five lessons about the way we treat people

First Important Lesson - Cleaning Lady.

During my second month of college, our professor
Gave us a pop quiz. I was a conscientious student
And had breezed through the questions until I read
The last one:
"What is the first name of the woman who cleans the school?"
Surely this was some kind of joke. I had seen the
Cleaning woman several times. She was tall,
Dark-haired and in her 50's, but how would I know her name?
I handed in my paper, leaving the last question
Blank. Just before class ended, one student asked if
The last question would count toward our quiz grade.
"Absolutely, " said the professor.. "In your careers,
You will meet many people. All are significant.. They
Deserve your attention and care, even if all you do
Is smile and say "hello.."

I've never forgotten that lesson.. I also learned her
Name was Dorothy.

Second Important Lesson - Pickup in the Rain

One night, at 11:30 p.m., an older African American
Woman was standing on the side of an Alabama highway
Trying to endure a lashing rain storm. Her car had
Broken down and she desperately needed a ride.
Soaking wet, she decided to flag down the next car.
A young white man stopped to help her, generally
Unheard of in those conflict-filled 1960's. The man
Took her to safety, helped her get assistance and
Put her into a taxicab.
She seemed to be in a big hurry, but wrote down his
Address and thanked him. Seven days went by and a
Knock came on the man's door. To his surprise, a
Giant console color TV was delivered to his home. A
Special note was attached.
It read:
"Thank you so much for assisting me on the highway
The other night. The rain drenched not only my
Clothes, but also my spirits. Then you came along.
Because of you, I was able to make it to my dying
Husbands''s bedside just before he passed away... God
Bless you for helping me and unselfishly serving
Mrs. Nat King Cole.

Third Important Lesson - Always remember those who serve.

In the days when an ice cream sundae cost much less,
A 10-year-old boy entered a hotel coffee shop and
Sat at a table. A waitress put a glass of water in
Front of him.
"How much is an ice cream sundae?" he asked.
"Fifty cents," replied the waitress.
The little boy pulled his hand out of his pocket and
Studied the coins in it.
"Well, how much is a plain dish of ice cream?" he inquired.
By now more people were waiting for a table and the
Waitress was growing impatient..
"Thirty-five cents," she brusquely replied.
The little boy again counted his coins.
"I'll have the plain ice cream," he said.
The waitress brought the ice cream, put the bill on
The table and walked away The boy finished the ice
Cream, paid the cashier and left.. When the waitress
Came back, she began to cry as she wiped down the
Table. There, placed neatly beside the empty dish,
Were two nickels and five pennies..
You see, he couldn't have the sundae, because he had
To have enough left to leave her a tip.

Fourth Important Lesson. - The obstacle in Our Path.

In ancient times, a King had a boulder placed on a
roadway. Then he hid himself and watched to see if
Anyone would remove the huge rock. Some of the
King's' wealthiest merchants and courtiers came by
And simply walked around it.. Many loudly blamed the
King for not keeping the roads clear, but none did
anything about getting the stone out of the way.
Then a peasant came along carrying a load of
vegetables. Upon approaching the boulder, the
peasant laid down his burden and tried to move the
stone to the side of the road. After much pushing
and straining, he finally succeeded. After the
peasant picked up his load of vegetables, he noticed
a purse lying in the road where the boulder had
been. The purse contained many gold coins and a note
from the King indicating that the gold was for the
person who removed the boulder from the roadway. The
peasant learned what many of us never understand!
Every obstacle presents an opportunity to improve
our condition.

Fifth Important Lesson - Giving When it Counts...

Many years ago, when I worked as a volunteer at a
hospital, I got to know a little girl named Liz who
was suffering from a rare & serious disease. Her only
chance of recovery appeared to be a blood
transfusion from her 5-year old brother, who had
miraculously survived the same disease and had
developed the antibodies needed to combat the
illness. The doctor explained the situation to her
little brother, and asked the little boy if he would
be willing to give his blood to his sister.
I saw him hesitate for only a moment before taking a
deep breath and saying, "Yes I'll do it if it will save
her." As the transfusion progressed, he lay in bed
next to his sister and smiled, as we all did, seeing
the color returning to her cheek. Then his face
grew pale and his smile faded.
He looked up at the doctor and asked with a
trembling voice, "Will I start to die right away".
Being young, the little boy had misunderstood the
doctor; he thought he was going to have to give his
sister all of his blood in order to save her.

Have a wonderful day....

Ducky Life Tea!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Handbook 2011!

I recived this in an email recently and decided to share it with all of you! Enjoy!


1. Drink plenty of water.

2. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a beggar.

3. Eat more foods that grow on trees and plants and eat less food that is manufactured in plants..

4. Live with the 3 E's -- Energy, Enthusiasm and Empathy

5. Make time to pray.

6. Play more games

7. Read more books than you did in 2010

8. Sit in silence for at least 10 minutes each day

9. Sleep for 7 hours.

10. Take a 10-30 minutes walk daily. And while you walk, smile.

11. Don't compare your life to others. You have no idea what their journey is all about.

12. Don't have negative thoughts or things you cannot control. Instead invest your energy in the positive present moment.

13. Don't over do. Keep your limits.

14. Don't take yourself so seriously. No one else does.

15. Don't waste your precious energy on gossip.

16. Dream more while you are awake

17. Envy is a waste of time. You already have all you need..

18. Forget issues of the past. Don't remind your partner with His/her mistakes of the past. That will ruin your present happiness.

19. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don't hate others.

20. Make peace with your past so it won't spoil the present.

21. No one is in charge of your happiness except you.

22. Realize that life is a school and you are here to learn.Problems are simply part of the curriculum that appear and fade away like algebra class but the lessons you learn will last a lifetime.

23. Smile and laugh more.

24. You don't have to win every argument. Agree to disagree...

25. Call your family often.

26. Each day give something good to others.

27. Forgive everyone for everything.

28. Spend time w/ people over the age of 70 & under the age of 6.

29. Try to make at least three people smile each day.

30. What other people think of you is none of your business.

31. Your job won't take care of you when you are sick. Your friends will. Stay in touch.

32. Do the right thing!

33. Get rid of anything that isn't useful, beautiful or joyful.

34. GOD heals everything.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thursday's This for That! Brummel and Brown

Today's this for that is a great product I have been using for sometime.  Many of us try to avoid butter at all costs weather its in recipies or as a spread.  There are many different products out there and I have tried a bunch.  For a long time I used Country Crock until I came across this great spread. 
It's called Brummel & Brown® and unlike other spreads its made with yogart.  If you are like me that may sound like cause for concern but I decided to try it and I was pleasently surprised.  It still had all the flavor and consistensy of a butter spread with less fat and calories, it also has no cholesterol and 0 grams of trans fat per serving. It has the sweet, creamy taste of butter blended with the wholesome goodness of natural yogurt! 

Butter                         VS              Brummel & Brown

Have you ever tried Brummel & Brown®? Would you?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

"I Used To Be Fat"

I started watching the new MTV series “I used to be fat”. I wasn’t sure I was going to like it, but it has turned out to be a really inspiring show. The premise of the show is young people setting out to lose unhealthy weight. It takes overweight teenagers who want to lose weight the summer before heading off to college. They are given anywhere from 89 to 110 days to dramatically change their lives. These young people change the way they eat, start to exercise, and are given a personal trainer to help guide them through the process.

Granted it’s easier to stick to a program when you have someone guiding you through it. The advantage of one on one help along with a camera crew following your progress is more motivation then most people will ever have. That, I’m sure put a lot of pressure/encouragement on them reach their goals. You know you would be less likely to eat that slice of pizza when it’s being documented for the world. You also don’t want to be seen failing in front of everyone you could possibly know, yet alone millions of strangers.

So with all the unique factors out of the way the show is still very inspirational. It’s encouraging and inspiring watching these young people transform their bodies and lives. You watch them go from introverted high school students to confident young adults ready to take on the world and become the people they were born to be. It is also a great way to keep yourself motivated in your own life. Watching these young people achieve such massive success reminds you what is possible and reenergizes you to obtain the goals you set out for yourself.

Have you seen this show? What do you think?

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Adventures!

My goal this winter was to keep my work out routine rather than hibernation.  Unfortunately it was getting too cold, and the weather was not ideal for bike riding.  I decided to find some new ways to get in exercises in my new town as the seasons change. I decided that with my new addition to the family, I now have a hiking partner whenever the mood strikes.  Not only is it a new and fun way to burn calories but it is also just as beneficial to Ozzy!
I researched walking and hiking areas in my town and found a beautiful area with trails, waterfalls and endless beauty.  I had no idea this even existed in my town and was surprised to find that it was just one of many trails in the area.

So a few weeks ago Ozzy and I bundled up and headed out on our first hike.  It was a fun afternoon and didn't feel like a workout.  Even though I was looking for something new due to the changing seasons its always a good idea to try something new and/or look for new and fun ways to get active.  You never know what you will discover and you might just find something you LOVE!

What kinds of activities do you like to do to stay fit when the weather gets cold?

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Driving through a peaceful winter wonderland today!


Monday, January 3, 2011


It’s a new year which means many of you have probably set out to start the new year with a resolution. Statistics show that 40 to 45% of American adults make one or more resolutions each year. Usually we start the new year wanting to curb a bad habit or make a drastic change. The most popular new years resolutions are about weight loss, exercise, and quitting smoking.

Though so many people start the new year with great goals in mind only 75% of resolutions are maintained past the first week and only 46% make it past 6 months. Even though many of the people who make resolutions end up breaking them, research tends to show that making a resolution is useful. People who out right make resolutions are 10 times more likely to attain their goals than people who don't.

But why do so many people break their resolutions? I think people put too much emphasis on making a resolution. "Resolutions" set us up for failure because we think about them as all-or-nothing. Most people think in terms of "keeping" their resolutions or "breaking" them. Thinking in these terms of success or failure can be harmful when you have your first setback leaving you feeling like a total failure.

Instead of starting out with these grand plans as soon as the calendar hits January 1st instead make subtle changes until you reach your ultimate goal. If you want to lose weight, for instance, instead of starting out with the goal of losing 50 pounds, instead resolve to do so 5 or 10 pounds at a time. Also, concentrate on some of the other positive outcomes you will gain, like more energy, better skin, and being healthier. Don't focus on what is impossible but on what can now be accomplished.

The same idea works for other resolutions as well. If you want to exercise more, instead of going out and signing a one year gym membership start small. Resolve to work out three nights a week, start taking walks or using a workout dvd or video game. If after a few months you are still in this routine than think about paying for a gym membership.

What if you break your resolution? Instead of thinking you are going to quit or start doing something for the rest of your life, or that if you fail then you should never try again. We all need to remember that we are all human! Setbacks are normal and should be expected. So start this year becoming a better you, no matter what you choose to resolve.