Sunday, June 6, 2010

Green Bags!

Hey Guys! I got a comment from Nelly the other day in response to my post on Apples being the fruit that will last the longest once you bring it home from the store. She mentioned her distress with trying to keep strawberries fresh & that they go bad so fast. I offered her a great tip and I wanted to share it with all of you, GREEN BAGS!!
I'm sure you have seen them by now possibly in the produce section of your grocery store. I didn't try them right away, I was sure they were a waste of money, just a colored plastic bag. My mom had bought some and loved them, so I took some home and tried them. I have to say, I find they really do work. Especially for fruits like bananas and strawberries that don't stay fresh long.

They wont last forever, but it does prolong the process. I can buy bananas on Sunday and still have nice yellow bananas at the end of the week (which usually doesn't happen, and I don't like when my bananas go brown).

I use them for all my fruits and vegetables, whether in the fridge or on the counter. Each bag can be used up to five times so I don't feel like I go through the bags very quickly. If they get dirty you can rinse and dry them before you use them next.

You have probably seen the Debbie Meyer's Green Bags in stores or on TV. Those are what we started using. We then came across another brand at The Christmas Tree Shop that were much cheaper. We weren't sure if they would work as well or even at all, but they seem to be just as good. If you are lucky enough to live near a Christmas Tree Shop I would encourage you to pick up The Forever Green Bags they sell there.

They sell for less than half the price of the Debbie Meyer's Bags. You might even be able to find deals online. If all you can get are the original Debbie Meyer's Green Bags I would still encourage you to try them. They save me lots of money from not having to throw out spoiled produce!

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