Thursday, June 3, 2010


Why is it that every night when I am lying in bed watching TV getting ready to fall asleep I start to have incredible cravings for anything sweet, chocolatly or with carbs. I was good ALL day & had a well balanced dinner and even a small dessert. (I even ate later than usual) Now I feel like I haven't eaten in hours and am ready to raid my kitchen!! Ahhhh What do you do to help curb late night cravings??


  1. I'm doing a cognitive therapy program that I bought on Amazon called the Beck Diet Solution and find that really has helped me to deal with cravings. I also keep sugar free peppermint gum with me at all times and chew that rather than eat.

  2. I have been doing that too, especially during the work day. Though, I have read articles about the disadvantages of the sugar substitutes. They can actually make you hungry, and the act of chewing gum can make you bloated. But I know a handy thing to keep around to fight off cravings.