Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Tuesday's Tip! An Easy Way To Chop Fresh Herbs!

I always love cooking with fresh herbs.  Since it's been summer I have been using them more than ever.  It can be tricky and time consuming chopping or mincing lots of fresh herbs for a recipe. I recently started using an old trick for finely chopping herbs quickly.  

Using a small glass and a pair of kitchen shears you can quickly cut any kind of herb quickly.

Just put a handful of whatever leaves you are using in a tall glass, then using the kitchen shears snip the leaves until they are minced. The glass holds the leaves compressed in a small space so it is easy to cut them up. The sharp scissors are much better at cutting the herbs more finely than a rougher knife would be.


I used this trick the other night while making homemade pasta sauce.  I filled the glass with Basil, Oregano, Greek Oregano & Thyme picked fresh from the garden and in 30 seconds they were all chopped.

It was quick, easy, and no mess. All the herbs went straight from the glass into the sauce.

Have you ever used this method to cut herbs?