Monday, September 24, 2012

Can I Grrow My Own Garlic?

Like I stated in my post yesterday Grow Your Own Garlic? I wanted to try it for myself.  So last night  I planted my own cloves to see if they will grow.

It really was easy!

Using a square glass vase that I had, I filled it with potting soil I also happened to have.  The soil was a bit dry so using a spray bottle i misted water throughout the soil to add some moisture.

Since I am using a container that is bigger than a small plant pot I decided to try and double my chances by using two garlic cloves.  This was also easy since I always have fresh garlic on hand in the kitchen.
 Simply peel the skins off the garlic cloves.  This was a bit funny for me, I haven't peeled garlic in a long time since becoming favorable to quickly pressing each clove with a large knife to remove the skin when using the garlic for cooking.  Obviously that method wont work in this situation.

I made a small hole and placed the clove inside with the pointy end facing up, then covered the clove with a thin layer of soil.  I did the same with the second clove.

When I was done I again misted the top layer of soil with a little water, hopefully to jump start the growing process.

After that it is out of my hands.  I placed the vase in a window where it can receive ample sun light and now I wait!

You can follow my hopeful success, I will be posting all the highlights of this adventure on my Hungry For Living Facebook Page!

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