Saturday, September 1, 2012

A New Look For Only $0.96!

While I was organizing my new place I came across a piece of furniture that I didn't have much use for.  It was an old shelf that I have had for a while.  I remember when I was a kid we had it in our house, at that time it was a dark stained wood.  A while back my mom gave it a new life by painting it white and putting on a some new white knobs with a flowery design.  In my new place though I didn't have any place where this shelf would look good.  I got to thinking and decided to give this old shelf a facelift.
 I started by taking the shelf outside and with a drop cloth behind it I spray painted a fresh coat of black paint that I purchased for only $0.96.
 After I allowed the shelf to dry I brought it inside.  I didn't need to buy new knobs since I had some old knobs saved from old furniture.  I had both silver and brushed brass knobs to choose from.  After trying both I decided the brushed brass looked better.
Once the shelf was fully dry it was ready to hang.
I decided to use my new shelf as an addition to my homemade bar.  Now I have somewhere to display my glasses in the same area.
The shelves also come in handy for a bar idea.  They are the perfect size to hold bottle openers, cork screws  and bottle stoppers.
    Here is the whole bar area now.

 So for only 96 cents I was able to breathe new life into an old shelf and spruce up my new home.