Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Back to It & Weight Watcher Wednesday (a little early) BUT it's all new..

So the pain has subsided and I have returned back to my normal gym schedule.  I am feeling good enjoying being back in a regular workout routine.  I am hoping that I offset any weight gain from the holidays with regular exercise. 

I do however find that sometimes I slack when it comes to tracking what I eat.  Though it is not a requirement of Weight Watchers, most members, and for that matter anyone who is not on WW and trying to loose weight finds it much easier when keeping a food journal or tracker.  Basically all you are doing is keeping yourself accountable for what you eat and drink everyday.  When I don't track it is much easier for me to let little snacks slide as well as loose track of how much I have eaten through out the day.  When I get confident I start to slack off on my tracking. At first its OK, but slowly but surely over time I start allowing myself little extras and treats at first I may just have a small snack a say to myself "that's fine I should have more than enough points"  after a while I am no longer actually even keeping track of the points I eat in my head, instead I gage an estimate of what I have eaten throughout the day which If I tracked it would probably add up to three days worth of food. Also one of the easiest ways to slack when not tracking is by all the beverages you drink and don't account for like coffee, soda, juices etc. Plane and simple, its much easier to stay on track when you hold yourself accountable for what you eat and drink. 

I am also excited for the new changes at Weight Watchers "points plus".  I have yet to be to a meeting this week to be filled in on all the changes but I have check out the etools.  I know some people are dreading this shift in the program but I look at it as a fresh start and a way to jump start my weight loss progress again.  Remember how easy it was your first few weeks on program to see the pounds drop, or on any weight loss program for that matter.  I am hoping to accomplish that same thing when I buckle down into this new plan.  Instead of dreading the change i am looking forward to it so that it doesn't discourage me.  I think there was a meeting about that a few weeks ago lol.  I will be sure to tell you how I feel after I finally get all the info.  I do know that my daily points and weekly points have increased, but so has some of the points values in my favorite foods.  I am excited that fruits are now all free though!  I am not as happy that we have to buy new products but I know they will be on sale in the beginning.  I can tell you that our meeting leader stressed to us that if you like using the points tracker than you should invest the six or so dollars it cost for the new calculator tool since the point sliders will no longer work.  I know that I will definitely be purchasing that this week.

Have you checked out all the new changes? Do you like them? Are you excited? or do you hate it!

You can find out more about Weight Watchers new Points Plus program HERE


  1. Good luck to you as your program changes!

  2. We were just having this conversation. Is it an inconvenience? yes. Is it a smarter approach to eating? yes. If it will help me reach my goal it is worth it. No one said it would be easy to lose weight.