Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I am in pain, lots and lots of pain. I think my body is punishing me for all the time I have spent away from the gym. Though it was due to medical reasons, I don't think my body is accepting that excuse and is now dueling out it's own brand of punishment.

I have finally been able to get back to the gym. I went a few times on my own last week and met once with my new trainer. I was sore after meeting with my trainer on Thursday so I decided to skip the gym on Friday and instead go on Saturday morning after my Weight Watchers meeting (where I lost .8 lbs) Once there I looked in my training file and decided to do an set of leg exercises I had done in the past. Since I was feeling good and pumped to be back in the gym I decided that instead of just using my own body weight as resistance that I would add weights as I went through the exercises. Oh boy! Was that a mistake. I couldn't even get through my third set. My legs had become their own form of human jello. I went to walk down the stairs to go do abs and almost fell down them because my legs couldn't even hold my body weight at this point. I slowly made my way to the locker room thinking I had over done it a little bit, but would hopefully be ready Monday for my next training session.

Well it didn't end there. Over the next few hours my legs tightened up more and more till I was having trouble walking. Going up and down stairs became a loud screaming activity, so I began to beg my boyfriend to run up and down to get me things throughout the weekend. Sunday I realized that my training session on Monday was just not going to happen so I switched them from Mon & Wed to Tue & Thur. Come Monday morning I was still in so much pain that I just cancelled my first session all together and kept my Thursday one on the books.

Today I am feeling a bit better though it still pains me to walk up and down stairs let alone just walk. My boyfriend has been massaging my thighs for me at night while I clench my fists and bear through the pain. Hot baths and ice have also been helping.

Funny thing is it hasn't made me not want to go to the gym, I am actually bummed that I haven't gotten to go now that I am back on a schedule. I did however learn not to push myself too hard. I have to start slow and work gradually up to where I was before =)


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  3. oh my gosh, you pain description sounds exactly like the first time I tried spinning. I nearly cried and it was nearly a week before I could walk normally!! I used epsom salt baths, Aleve and ice! Feel better soon!

  4. be a little more careful when you deciding on exercises and weights.There are procedures and stages and levels which the trainer understand better doe to his/her experience ...if you don't get along with one particular change your shift to a time where you get another trainer.Wish you a speedy recovery.

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    Hope you are feeling better.