Monday, November 1, 2010

What to do with all that extra Halloween Candy!

If you are like me, you bought way too much candy for Halloween and now you are left with delicious treats just tempting you to devour them!  This is our first Halloween in our new house and living on a busy street we expected a lot more trick-or-treaters then we actually got.  We also had a Halloween party for friends the night prior to Halloween so people brought over lots of candy and sweets.  I have already given away as many baked goods as I could and have brought the rest into the office, but sitting at home waiting for my return tonight are the bowls of excess Halloween candy.  I was actually very good this year and bought candy I did not like to give away to trick-or-treaters so I wasn't tempted to pick at it.  I also bought a bag of Tootsie Rolls because I knew I would want to have something sweet and I can have four mini rolls for 1WW point.  The trouble came when friends brought over bags and bags of my favorite candies like Resses Peanut Butter Cups!!

So what to do with the left over candy? Well I found a few neat ideas that I thought I would pass along to you guys.  

  • Send it to Operation Gratitude. It goes into care packages for U.S. troops and to children in the communities they patrol. Ship by Dec. 5 to Operation Gratitude/California Army National Guard, 17330 Victory Blvd., Van Nuys, CA 91406. Attn: Charlie Othold.                                                      
  • Some dentists sweeten the incentive for kids to give up candy by buying it for a $1 a pound. Find one in your area here.
  • Homeless shelters or fire departments in your area might accept candy donations, too. Call and ask.
  • You can melt and use chocolate for baking purposes, and save hard candies, gumdrops and M&Ms to decorate gingerbread houses in December. (if you can store it and not be tempted)
  • You can make a candy bouquet. You could make a sweet get well gift, birthday gift, centerpiece, thinking of you gift, hostess gift, etc
Have any other Ideas??


  1. These are great ideas - thanks for sharing. Luckily we ran out of candy this year!

  2. Never thought of the candy gift. Good idea :)

  3. Stopping by to say hello from New Friends Friday, Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. That is one of the reasons I hate Halloween. I love your ideas on getting rid of it. Thanks for sharing.
    Visiting from NFF.

  5. Feel free to mail it to me! mwooo hahahahah!

    Oh wait, that was my inner fatgirl talking. sorry.

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