Thursday, November 11, 2010

Getting Back To Basics!

I have to admit like everyone else I struggle and have set backs.  After losing 40lbs I hit a plateau and was unable to see much progress for a while. Naturally this got me distraught and frustrated.  On top of that I was unable to do my regular weekly workouts at the gym due to medical issues I was dealing.  For a while I was doing fine.  I was eating right and doing other things to keep active.  Slowly I started to fall into old habits and allow my self “treats”.  The only problem with this is that I have a very hard time stopping once I start. What used to be me treating myself once a week became a daily thing.  I started to focus less on my meals and became less aware that I was going out to eat a lot and letting my boyfriend cook (which in my household is not a good idea when trying to be healthy).  Like I stated before he is a very meat and potatoes kind of guy.  His meals consist of buttery, saucy, fatty, fried food. While deliciously tempting to the senses, they are not so gratifying to the body.
I don’t want you to think I went and fell off the wagon, which was not the case at all.  I just became so preoccupied in life that I let other little things slide, like going to my weekly weight watchers meetings.  After doing this for so long and being so close to my goal weight I can easily stay on track without going to a meeting every week. The problem comes when I stay away for too long.  The great thing about weight watchers is every week you get to go, talk, relate to others and become re energized for the upcoming week.  You don’t get frustrated and unmotivated as easily when you have such a great support systems of people working for the same goals.  My pants started to not feel as loose and I knew I need to get back on my A-game. 
My friend and I got to a meeting a few weeks ago together.  I had gained a few lbs, but I went in knowing I would be up a little from my last visit.  Since then we have our weekly Saturday routine now of meeting in the morning and going to a meeting together.  I am also able to get back to the gym, which I have, and feel so much better already.  Even after being on this journey for so long it is still important to remember we all need a little help and support to do it.  I do this for myself, but it helps when I can do things with my friends like go to meetings, go on a hike or hit the gym together.  I am sore today after meeting with my new trainer at the gym but I am loving it, I know it means I worked hard!

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  1. Your boyfriend sounds like my husband with the meat and potatoes and buttery, sauce-smothered stuff. And my husband does that without gaining any weight! I really have to work at it, and remind myself I can't eat what or as much as he eats!