Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesdays Tip! for dry skin

As the dry winter air starts to surround us it begins to take a toll on our skin.  Already I am suffering from dry/itchy skin as well as chapped lips.   For the past few weeks I have started keeping a bottle of inexpensive olive oil in my shower.  After I bath or shower I pat dry with a towel then lather on a few tea spoons worth of oil over my body and face.  It is a great moisturizer for your skin and will keep it silky smooth.  If you do decide to apply it on your body while still in the shower or tub make sure to be careful next time you enter as there may be a slippery residue. 

I have also been making my own facial exfoliating scrub with whats in my kitchen cabinet.  Once or twice a week I apply a mixture of about two tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon salt.  I use course salt and gently massage the mixture for about a minute than rinse with warm water.  If you do not have course salt you can use table salt as well as brown sugar.  The olive oil will leave your skin radiant and smooth without causing you to breakout.

When it comes to chapped lips winter is my worst enemy.  It seems as though every year when Thanksgiving rolls around my lips all of a sudden become dry and flaky.  I have found what works for me is Cocoa Butter with Vitamin E.  I even keep a small container in my purse.  I use a small container that you can buy at a drug store or container store that mimics a lip gloss container.  I fill it with the cocoa butter and have a travel size lip treatment I can take with me anywhere.

Have you ever tried any of these remedies?  Do you have any other at home treatments you use?


  1. sounds great... I use baby oil in the shower... love it and does the same effect but smells good !