Friday, July 16, 2010


I have been dying to try out a Zumba class!  I have heard a lot about them but have yet to experience it.  I keep hearing what a great work out it is and how it is also a lot of fun to do.  This past Thursday I finally got the chance to take a class.  I casually mentioned to my voice coach on Wednesday how I have always wanted to try it.  She started telling me about a place she just recently found that holds classes.  She had just started taking classes there and she loved it.  She told me about how easy going it was and that no one cares what you look like, how you move or anything.  There are people at all different levels, different ages and body types.  She even told me how the instructor calls the class "juicy girl umbaZ" and how she jokingly yelled at a girl who wore makeup to the class saying "you don't wear makeup to Zumba!
I was so I excited to try this place out and finally get to experience Zumba. It was even better when I found out that the class was the next night. That night I went home and told my friend about the place I had found and she was up for joining me the next day. 
When we got there we weren't sure at all what to expect.  The people were all really friendly and welcoming and we were nervous but intrigued to find out what kind of workout/dance/moves we were going to be doing. It started with a quick warm up to loosen everything up and then the real "Zumba" started.  The instructor told us it was OK if we couldn't keep up or do the steps, she just had on rule "just keep moving!" It was so much fun!  Loud fun music, dance moves, excitement and laughter all mixed together.  We were doing all types of different moves and steps that you forget you are working out because it is so much fun.  Then you realize your a little short of breath and you remember its a workout!
We did pretty well for our first class.  We paused a few times in between beats when we needed to catch our breaths,  we definitely missed a few steps but jumped right back into it & we made the big mistake of not bringing a bottle of water with us.  Other than that it was a great workout and to remind us that it was a workout and not just a fun crazy dance party... we were covered it sweat!
It was a crazy fun class that gave us a total body workout and we can't wait till next week to go back!

Have you ever tried Zumba?


  1. I love Zumba..have been going through withdrawal because our gym's Zumba instructors have been on vacation for a couple of weeks. Hoping Sunday is my Zumba return.
    It's a great workout. They tell us it's probably a 600+ calorie burn workout. I definitely am no dancer, but I get to pretend I'm in a music video for just a short time.

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun - way to keep moving!

  3. I have not tried it.. and maybe I never will! I am not that coordinated! I hope you love it.

  4. There are going to be classes starting at a co-worker's mother's church. We're going to go. I think the classes start in a couple weeks. Now I'm even more excited to go!

  5. I've been wanting to try Zumba, I've heard only good, fun things.

  6. Hi...I love photo of the really stunning!

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  10. I encourage you all do something new or out of the ordinary and try it. It really is a fun way to get a workout in! It’s also a fun environment that doesn’t make you feel like you are working out. And you only have to do what you are capable of doing, they don’t push you to do anything but move and have a good time!

    I have been a little busy with family obligations since this weekend and have lacked at posting, but I am hoping to get my latest post up tonight! I hope you all come back later on and check it out... I have created my own recipe for Cinnamon Buns called "Skinny Buns" each only 3WW points Mmmm Mmmmmm Good!