Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weight Watcher Wednesday!

One of the big things about Weight Watchers® is tracking what you eat in a journal.  Now while that is also a great thing to do, today's post is more focused on making sure you fulfill the Good Health Guidelines which is also something the journal helps track!

What are the Good Health Guidelines?
Well Good Health Guidelines are a way to guide you toward healthy choices as you lose weight. They also help to ensure you are getting the nutrients, vitamins and minerals you need to boost your health while losing weight.  Each day you aim to eat healthy meals that include choices from the Good Health Guidelines.  The goal of everyday is to fulfill all the requirements of the Good Health Guidelines.

What does it include?
Each day you want to try and incorporate all these into your daily meals.

2 Servings of Healthy Oils Olive, Fish, Flax seed, Canola, Sunflower etc
2 Servings of Lean Protein Chicken, Eggs, Beans, Fish etc
2 Servings of Milk Milk, Yogurt, Cheese
5 Servings of Fruit AND Vegetables
6 Servings of Liquid
Whole Grains
Multi Vitamin

Its easy to eat things you know are "healthy" but when you focus on these guidelines everyday it helps you to make better choices and helps you to eat healthier!

Have you ever tried this?  If you are having trouble losing or are in a rut, try planing your meals around these guidelines to give yourself a new way to plan your meals.  You will find it really does help you to make better choices!


  1. Hi, am now following you back, I can't wait to see what your posts will entail, I love fitness and nutrition so I was very interested in this post. Will be back to read more!

  2. Very helpful! I'm totally going to implement that into my eating plan! Thanks!

  3. I never track my GHGs. I think I eat fairly well-rounded meals every day and am pretty sure I get all the GHGs...but I guess I don't know for sure!

  4. Yea, it's a good tool to use, especially when your in a rut or hit a plato, to focus on the GHG and see if you get them all in everyday.

  5. hi! following you from the bloghop -- great blog :)

  6. One thing that helps me, and this sounds kind of childish, is I have stickers I give myself every day when I make good choices.

    I bought them at a parent/teacher store in my town. they say things like "awesome" or "great job" or "superstar" or "you rock!"

    So, I try to earn the stickers when I fulfill my daily health requirements, and it makes my food journal so much more colorful and fun! I also get all different kinds of fun pens in different colors to write down what I eat too. AND, I decorated the cover of my food journal (which is just a notebook from Target) with pictures I cut out of magazines, or sayings that I like. It kind of makes it easier to write things down when you have a fun journal