Tuesday, January 11, 2011

New Adventures!

My goal this winter was to keep my work out routine rather than hibernation.  Unfortunately it was getting too cold, and the weather was not ideal for bike riding.  I decided to find some new ways to get in exercises in my new town as the seasons change. I decided that with my new addition to the family, I now have a hiking partner whenever the mood strikes.  Not only is it a new and fun way to burn calories but it is also just as beneficial to Ozzy!
I researched walking and hiking areas in my town and found a beautiful area with trails, waterfalls and endless beauty.  I had no idea this even existed in my town and was surprised to find that it was just one of many trails in the area.

So a few weeks ago Ozzy and I bundled up and headed out on our first hike.  It was a fun afternoon and didn't feel like a workout.  Even though I was looking for something new due to the changing seasons its always a good idea to try something new and/or look for new and fun ways to get active.  You never know what you will discover and you might just find something you LOVE!

What kinds of activities do you like to do to stay fit when the weather gets cold?

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