Thursday, October 3, 2013

The Bad Cow!

When you are trying to lose weight, maintain your weight or just indulge in a sweet treat without over doing it, you look to "healthier" options.  The ad executives and pr firms make a ton of money by marketing those "healthier" products to those kinds of people.  Lets be honest, most people who fit those categories are women!  My mother passed along a blog post to me recently about how particularly Un-"healthy" those skinny cow deserts you love actually are.

Don't get me wrong, I used to eat one probably every night.  I probably still have a few tucked in the back of my freezer somewhere.  I even blogged about them 3 years ago! When we set out to be healthy it is pretty apparent drastic changes don't work.  So I, like many, found easy substitutes and "cheats" that would allow me to cut back without depriving myself. What we don't always realize.. or want to face is that when we stray away from foods with a lot of fat, sugar or calories we end up replacing those ingredients with chemicals, additives and all sorts of nasty stuff.  Eating a Paleo diet has definitely allowed me to realize the kinds of things I was previously ingesting.  While it's scary to think about all the unknowns I actually consumed, it's comforting that I am more aware now and can make better choices.

While this is just one product line of many, it is a good wake up call and if nothing else can hopefully get you to look a little deeper at a label's nutrition facts.This isn't something that just plagues ice cream treats, it can be found throughout the grocery isles and particularly in those products labeled "low-cal" "low-fat" & "fat-free".  My mother loves to tell me that the biggest culprit are all those 100 calorie packs.

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  1. The same goes for gluten free products. If you want to be healthy and gluten free, you can't eat bread, pasta, cookies, etc that is GF. It has less healthy ingredients than whole wheat versions (and is not paleo). Go for root veggies, squash, plantains, legumes (if not paleo) for real carbs.