Thursday, October 14, 2010

Surviving the State Fair Bulge!

This is the time of year for festivals and fairs.  Especially here in Connecticut, we are in the mist of numerous different festivals.  They are a great way to spend time with your family, enjoy a Sunday afternoon or even relax on a weekday night.  There are many different things to do, see, buy and eat. yes, EAT!

Though there are numerous things to do and see while you are there, one of main attractions and biggest profit makers at these events is food.  Now if you have ever been to a fair you know that the food they offer is usually no where near being healthy.  The food is usually high in fat and low in nutrition. Especially when it comes to big festivals and state fairs.  It seems they will throw anything in batter and deep fry it these days. While there are the usual french fries, corn dogs and onions, recently we have seen deep fried Oreos and Twinkies become popular. 

This year however the big sellers were Deep Fried Butter and Deep Fried Beer! Really? Butter isn't fattening enough, you need to coat it in a batter and deep fry it? I can't understand the draw for this, then I remembered we are the most over weight nation living on fast food and processed goods, so why not take the next step to eat straight butter.. I mean deep fried butter! The sad thing is that I read an article about the "inventor" and he only works three weeks a year.

There are even more outlandish things being thrown into the fryer at fairs. While looking into it I discovered there were many foods I didn't know existed. Things like Chicken-Fried Bacon, Fried Avocado Bites, Fried Frog's Legs, Fried Coca-Cola & Fried Ice Cream.

The weirdest fried food I saw was Spaghetti and Meatballs on a Stick. It's a mash-up of meatball mix and cooked spaghetti. The mixture is formed into balls, dipped in garlic batter, deep-fried, and finished with marinara sauce.

Another big draw at these places is doughnut sandwiches. A cheeseburger in between two Krispy Kreme glazed doughnuts is a huge seller, I don't know why because it sounds disgusting, but apparently it has a huge following.  I also recently saw that they have branched out and now offer a chicken breast sandwich as well, for those health conscious patrons I assume. =)

Though there are other options available for food at these events many aren't much healthier. There is also all the sweets that surround you like sundaes, pastries, cotton candy, Cinnamon rolls etc.  Lets be real, most people see going to one of these events as a diet killer.  That's usually how I feel as well, so I took my camera phone with me as my friend and I walked a round a local fair and found healthier options to choose.
  • Check out the ethnic stands.  They usually have a lot of grilled meats and vegetables that aren't coated in heavy sauces.

  • My favorite stop at the fair is for steamed corn.  Its fresh and delicious and doesn't need any butter.
  •  Most big fairs will have local vendors selling different fresh fruits depending on the season
  •  If you want something more than a bottle of water choose a healthier option like fresh squeezed lemonade.  They make it fresh and add the ingredients to your liking, which means you can get it with no sugar.

  • Another favorite of mine is the baked potato.  Again its something that you build to your own tastes so you can forgo the bacon bits and cheese.  You can limit the amount of butter as well.

  •  People love putting things on sticks at these events so you can almost always find a kabob or chicken skewer.

  • Finally, It is a fair so I do allow myself a treat or two.  The best sweet treat to get without undoing all the good you accomplished is a simple soft served ice cream cone.  Be even better and get it in a cup!


  1. I just heard about those doughnut burgers this morning and it almost made me ill...those have got to be disgusting! There are, however, some of the crazy items we can get at fairs now that I might be willing to try...which is one of the main reasons we do not go to the fairs around here!

    Thanks for stopping by and following me. I am now following you, not just to return the favor, but I really like your blog!

  2. Yes deep fried coke and deep fried butter not for me!

  3. It's amazing what they will fry. I missed the state fair this year, probably a good thing.
    Thanks for stopping by. take care and God Bless!!

  4. OMG - fairs are a mine field of poor food choices. Beware the Deep fried EVERYTHING, LOL.