Friday, April 19, 2013

Pesto Linguini and Shrimp!

This is a quick and easy recipe to make a delicious homemade dinner. 

  • You can use store bought pesto but I prefer to make mine from scratch.  Its simple and quick process that brings incredible flavor to your meal.  To find the pesto recipe go here! 

  • Next I defrost my frozen shrimp in a bowl under cool running water. (you can also use fresh raw shrimp)
  • On the stove I start boiling a pot of water for the pasta.

  • Next I measure out my Gluten Free linguini to ensure proper servings.

  • If your shrimp are shelled you can easily remove the shells under running water.

  • While I leave the shrimp to drain in the sink I add the pasta to boiling water

  • In a large warm skillet I add the shrimp and cook till pink on one side then flip them over.

  • Once the shrimp is flipped I add a few teaspoons of the pesto and begin to saute the shrimp.
After draining the cooked pasta
I add it to the skillet and top it off with more pesto
  • Stir the shrimp, pesto and pasta for a few minutes
  • Then serve! I like to top it off with a bit of pecorino romano grated cheese.

For this post I used 4 Tbsp of oil and opted to leave out the pine nuts while making the pesto.  Each serving has 11 Weight Watcher Points Plus Values.  Yields 2 Servings

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