Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Homemade Pesto Recipe!

I love pesto! Lately I have had a lot of basil growing in my garden anda have been finding many uses for it.  Before I left on a trip I wanted to be able to use the large amount I had growing for fear it may die while I  was away.  Right away I thought about making pesto.  At first I wasn't sure if the large amount I had was even enough to make a decent amount of pesto.  After some reading I knew it would be a perfect way to transform my basil into numerous delicious meals in the future.  It is a simple and easy process anyone can do.  Here is recipe for how to make pesto.

40 Basil leaves 
(you can add parsley if you like or if you don't have enough basil)
1/4cup Romano cheese
(you can also use Parmesan)
2 cloves of garlic
1/4cup pine nuts
2Tbsp Olive Oil
2Tbsp Extra Virgin Olive Oil
(you may need to add more oil to get the desired consistency) 
A Dash of Salt

I start by putting my Basil leaves and Olive Oil in my Ninja Blender and pulse a few times to break down the leaves. You can use any sort of blender or food processor.

Next I add the cheese, garlic, salt and pine nuts if desired, then pulse the blender a few more times.
The last step is to add the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you can use more olive oil or canola oil if desired or if you don't have EVOO).  I add it slowly and blend the pesto in between to reach the desired consistency.  I like my pesto to resemble a thin paste.

Then Enjoy! 

There are so many uses for pesto.  You can use it as a sauce, a spread, a drizzle or as an ingredient in so many dishes.  I love it on pasta or as a spread in a caprese panini.

Have you ever made your own pesto? 

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  1. We made pesto last night and Sofie LOVED it! You can also freeze blocks of fresh basil and use it later. I also sometimes mix in arugula and spinach into my pesto.