Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Fresh Coat For $3.99!

I HATE white walls.  For me a house, apartment or condo with floor to ceiling white walls just doesn't work.  No amount of artwork, photos, trinkets or drapes can make the place feel homey.  When I moved into my new place I wasn't to excited to see bright white.. everywhere!  Before I moved in I painted the master bedroom and living room a neutral beige tone.  Instantly the whole place had a different feel.  I used the above mentioned accessories to pull it all together and without  painting all the rooms I was able to turn it into a home.
The only other down side was the back splash in the kitchen.  It was a horrible deep yellowish color that should be named "puke yellow".  At around 2am last night while organizing my kitchen I decided I really hated it and thought..why don't I just paint it?  While trying to save money after a big move it occurred to me that I still had half a bucket of beige paint. 

I was a little nervous because most of the back splash was wall, but there were two shelves made of pressed wood I'm guessing and covered in laminate.  Since I was awake last night when I had this idea I decided to stay up ten more minutes and tape it off.  This way in the morning I could paint.

After a quick trip to the store to buy a paintbrush I was in business.  Two coats later and a little dry time, I had a whole new kitchen.  A coat of paint can truly change something's appearance.  It can also give the space a whole new feeling.

Next time you want to make a change to a room think about what you have that you can utilize.  Since I had extra paint laying around the only thing I needed was the brush.  So for only $3.99 I was able to spruce up a kitchen I didn't particularly like.  Now I LOVE my new kitchen!

Here is a look at a room with half of the wall painted.  What a difference!

Any other ideas for making cheap improvements to your space?


  1. Amazing difference a bit of paint can make.
    I like to scatter colour around ... it makes a room look so cheerful.
    I use artificial flowers and candles a lot! And colourful pictures.

  2. I use them as well! I also tend to use real candles as decoration and never seem to burn them, I think I will start.. :)