Wednesday, March 7, 2012

My Week On A Cleanse!

 Day 1
The liquid came out of the bottle as half liquid, half brown sludge.  I combined it with water in my blender, since it was the only container I had large enough to hold the 32 ounces of liquid.  It came in handy, since I ran the blender for a few seconds to mix up the sludge.  I don't know if it always comes out like that.  The liquid didn't taste good, but it wasn't horrible.  When combined with water, the liquid pretty much tastes just the way it smells.   I plugged my nose and took a few gulps, but it didn't help, since the taste lingers for a little while after.  It has a tea-like taste mixed with a molasses flavor.  I didn't notice anything today nor did I experience anything different.  I did however have a splitting headache all day right above my right temple that has been pounding, I don't know if it has anything to do with the cleanse or if I may be dehydrated due to it.

Day 2
The headache is still here! It comes and goes throughout the day.  I am still not used to the taste of the cleanse but it isn't bad enough to stop.  I still have yet to feel or notice anything different. The liquid also came out half sludge again today.

Day 3
I'm going into New York City today so I drank about 1/3 of the liquid this morning before I left.  Again I mixed it in my blender for a few seconds to dissolve the sludge-like consistency. I haven't noticed any side effects.  When I got home I drank another 1/3 of the liquid and then had the remaining throughout the rest of the night.  My headache came back for a little while tonight.

Day 4
I bought a bigger water bottle that can hold all the liquid.  I poured in the cleanse this morning and again it was half liquid, half sludge.  I am thinking that it is always like this.  I added the 32 ounces of water and shook it up.  Shaking it vigorously seems to dissolve the sludge just as well as the blender did.  I am getting used to the taste and it doesn't bother me as much.  It does have a little stinging/ sour after taste almost like you get when drinking an alcoholic drink.

Day 5
I'm convinced the sludge mixture is normal now since that's what it is everyday.  Nothing really big to note today.  I am however a bit curious since I have not had any "cleansing" type effects yet from this cleanse.  If anything I am actually having the opposite effect.
Day 6
Today I traveled into NYC again, this time to check out the Brooklyn flea market and grab lunch.  I drank some of the cleanse throughout the entire day.  Today I started getting very uncomfortable.  It started as we were leaving the flea market and heading to brunch.  My stomach started to rumble and cramp up.  At brunch was when I was the most uncomfortable with intense stomach pain.  It lasted about an hour or two then, dissipated.  

Day 7
Today was the last day of my "cleanse!" I was so used to the taste of it by now that it really didn't bother me.  What I noticed more was the sour/burning after flavor.  Still am getting headaches. I have still yet to get any type of "cleaning out" type of reaction from drinking all 224 ounces of this brown water.

All in all I'm not sure how I feel about this cleanse.  I would like to think that great things took place inside my body over the last week, yet I have no proof that anything did.  I never experienced any type of "cleansing" effects but instead my body reacted in the complete opposite way.
I was planning on sticking to an all fruits and vegetable diet during the last week, but as the events of my week took shape it was impossible to do so.  I didn't worry though because I had been told by my friend who has done it and sold it to me that I can go about my day as normal and eat normal, and just add in the cleanse to my regular diet.  So I'm sure something has to have happened.
I also did not lose any weight from the cleanse.  I actually gained weight.  I am sure however that if you do stick to the fruit and vegetable only diet while on the cleanse and workout 30 minutes a day you will lose weight - you would have to from the diet and exercise alone.
In the end I didn't really gain anything from it but also didn't experience any awful effects.  I have noticed however that my energy level is almost non existent. It was a fight to do anything this last week.  I did stop taking my multivitamin and supplements the last week while on the cleanse because I didn't know how it would all react together, so that may have had an effect as well.
I may in the future try it again when I am able to keep a only fruits and vegetable diet for a week.

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  1. whew, i've never done a cleanse...always afraid i'll feel sick and bloated! love your site, found you from the hop! i'm one of the new co-hosts and wanna thank you for linking up this past week! i'm your new follower!!!