Friday, August 6, 2010

Friday's Featured Product! Spin Pin

So this week's featured product isn't a food or health product.  It is actually a hair product! I know! Not what you expect from my blog, but I just came across it and love it so I thought I would share.

I don't know if you have seen the commercials for the "Spin Pin", but ever since I first saw them I have wanted to try it. They are advertised as a way to throw your hair up into a messy bun, quick & with only one pin that acts like 20 bobby pins.

 I usually check the hair care isle at the grocery store and they haven't showed up there yet.  Than the other day when I stopped by Walgreen's I remembered that I wanted to try them and went to see if they had them.  I was excited to find that they did and even more excited to see that they were on sale for $4.00 (usually about $6.50).  Obviously I quickly grabbed it up and went home to try it.

The only thing I was surprised by was that it actually takes 2 spin pins to do what the product claims.  I cant be sure but I don't ever remember seeing that in the commercials, but I yet to see one since.  Other than that it works great. Especially for me, since I leave about five minutes to get ready in the morning.  Usually I throw my hair into a pony tail & and if I wrap it up into a messy bun, I use a elastic and sometimes it ends up looking a bit weird.

So essentially the Spin Pins are corkscrew-shaped pins that you can use to create a  messy bun that will stay in all day.  They come in a few different color options & if you wear your hair up a lot they are worth checking out.  Especially for going out!

Have you tried the Spin Pin? Do you think you will now?

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  1. I'm so excited that you found these at Walgreens. I've been checking for them wherever I go too but have had no luck. I'll definitely be trying them out. Thanks for the info!